JD, Amber & Asher

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Judge Judy

JD decided to record Asher here, because Asher kept repeating the same phrase over and over again. We had no idea what he was saying but we thought it sounded really funny. A few minutes later JD figured out what Asher was saying, which made it even funnier. If you listen past the first few phrases you will hear him say, "The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final; this is Judge Judy. (dubbo, dubbo?) Thank you, your welcome Judy." Yes, he enjoys watching Judge Judy and has also successfully memorized many of those horrible lawer commercials (i.e. "In a wreck? Need a check?"). This may be a foreshadow of his future career choice:).


Brett Liz Ethan Seth said...

Hey Parks! Thanks for updating : ). Asher is so cute and growing up so fast! Hope you guys are doing well. Lizzi

Belch Family said...

That is some amazing talking skills! Miss you guys!